Ronda Williams

A keen eye for details and fantastic people skills makes, Brand Strategist – Ronda Williams a professional whom other professionals are willing to trust. As CEO of Brand Speaks,Inc. –a marketing and branding company – she oversees the brand development and coordination of a niche clientele base and pairs them with corporate America – for product endorsements, sponsorships, advertising etc. Williams helps to orchestrate special events for corporate clients. Her without-a-hitch reputation for organizing conferences and adventures, business retreats, travel expeditions and key strategic alliances has not gone unnoticed and she continuously is called upon by the for profit and not for profit business communities alike to bring her special skill set to the table.


Having over 25 years of Executive professional experience, Williams spent over 12 years in the great launch and continued success of Odyssey Media, a marketing and communications company that produces high end events for a niche audience and partners them with sponsoring companies from the Fortune 100, 500 and 1000. She also spent 13 years working for Avon Products Inc in New York City. She participated in the formation and implementation of Avon’s supplier code of ethics policy and has received numerous awards and commendations for her efforts on behalf of supplier diversity.


Brand Speaks has in recent years launched an alliance between the Faith Based Community and Corporate America.  Two major giants with great voices having more in common than not.  Ronda’s great appreciation and recognition for what the Faith Based community has to offer and it’s not to be denied “Power” as consumers has made it a mission of her’s to get their voices heard by Corporate America.  Ronda and her Team provide key learning on both sides for a homogenous union between the two powerful forces.  She is much sought after as an expert in bridging together these great forces.